Looking for Snook in the Key Largo Back Country? See Off Course Charters & Capt. Henry!

Captain Henry Warrington of Key Largo, Florida based Off Course Charters specializes in back country charters. I hired Captain Henry on Black Friday November 26, 2021 to take me & my son for some Snook. I found his equipment to be top shelf & his guide service to be on point. And to top it all off, Captain Henry was a lot of fun to spend the morning with.

We left the dock promptly at 6:30am. Our targeted location was a spot in the Everglades about 30 minutes from the boat dock. Off Course Charters leaves from Buttonwood Bay in Key Largo. We had a beautiful ride on Captain Henry’s new 22′ Wellcraft center console. Our ride from the dock to the first spot was a smooth ride in this nice boat. We chatted along the way, and got to know the Captain.

When we arrived to the first spot, it seemed almost pre-historic. There were fins everywhere – lots of bonnet head & black tip sharks. Jacks were hitting pods of bait too. It was very active. I was certain we’d catch what we had come for.

When setting up the trip a few weeks prior, I told Captain Henry, we’d like to target reds or snook. He shared that the reds had been a little scarce, but the snook were very active.

Within 10 minutes of arriving, we had our first snook in the boat.

Small snook caught in the Florida Everglades backcountry, with Off Course Charters

The photo above is of a small snook. In Florida, the snook were in season, but the state regulations requires fish to be between 28″ – 33″. This range is called “the slot”. As you can see from this photo, this juvenile (the fish) wasn’t big enough to keep. We caught several fish of this size, as well as 1/4 of a Jack Cravalle, while fishing with Off Course Charters. Check out the video below 🙂

Captain Henry and Off Course Charters took us into the Everglades National Park, and showed us how to catch snook. While we didn’t catch the biggest or the most fish we have ever caught, we had a wonderful time. I would definitely recommend Captain Henry Warrington & Off Course Charters.

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